Study of Proposed Toyota Terminal Renovation Released

The Port of Long Beach released a draft study today examining a proposal by Toyota Logistics Services to build a renewable fuel-cell power plant and hydrogen fuelling station.
The study being released by the Port is an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND), meaning that no substantial evidence was found that the project would have a significant negative effect on the environment.
Toyota operates a marine terminal at the Port where new automobiles are off-loaded from ships, processed and transported off-site via truck or rail.The company is proposing to streamline its operations by demolishing the existing office, car washing, fueling, and auto body facilities, consolidating many of these functions into a single facility.
Plans for the facility also add a 2.3-megawatt fuel-cell power plant and a new fueling station that includes pumps dedicated to hydrogen.
The California Energy Commissioning (CEC) recently awarded Shell Oil Products US and Toyota $8 million in funding to develop the first hydrogen-truck refuelling station at the port of Long Beach as part of a renewable program that looks to develop green infrastructure across the supply chain.