Bolloré Ports Signs on to Modernize Operations at Seven Leading Global Terminals with Navis N4

Navis and Bolloré Ports have successfully implemented the Navis N4 terminal operating system at Dakshin Bharat Gateway Terminal (DBGT).
Through partnering with Navis for state-of-the-art, modern technology, Bolloré Ports will streamline operations strengthening its status as a leading global ports operator.Navis EMEA VP and general manager Chuck Schneider said: “The continuous rise in shipping volumes and growing customer demand for real-time monitoring and updates, combined with increasing complexity across the ocean supply chain, has created a constant need to enhance terminal productivity.
“Bolloré Ports places great importance on having highly effective equipment at its sites and invests heavily in the development of its infrastructure and technology to meet the requirements of its international customers. We’re excited to get to work, starting with DBGT, as it scales for future growth, and through optimal planning of operations through N4, we’re confident we will help them hit their business goals.”As the first terminal to implement N4 under the new agreement, DBGT targets to handle as much as 750,000 TEUs annually and to serve as a gateway to the industrialized region of southern India, which is showing some of the strongest growth within the country.
It is also strategically located to process traffic coming from Africa. In preparation of a significant increase in container volume in the near future, DBGT has selected to implement N4, as well as the Autostow optimization module, as part of a wider infrastructure, equipment and technology upgrade; advancing the terminal from its current manual practices to more modern and optimized processes.Bolloré Ports deputy CEO Stanislas de Saint Louvent said: “The N4 licensing agreement is part of DBGT’s strategy to become one of the leading container terminals in India and is also the first step in a global strategy for Bolloré Ports to provide its customers with the best range of services possible to streamline operations and ultimately, improve their bottom line.”