All vehicles must feature speed limit technology from 2022, says EU

The European Union (EU) has announced that safety speed limit technology will become mandatory from 2022 in all vehicles operating on European roads to safeguard passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.

The EU has approved a number of safety measures that would require car manufacturers to install cameras and sensors, advanced emergency braking, intelligent speed assistance along with lane-keeping technology to control speed.

Laws would also make it essential to install an aircraft-like ‘black box’ in cars, vans, trucks and buses so that crash data could be retained in case an accident occurs.

Through these measures, the EU aims to cut 140,000 serious injuries by 2038 and prevent deaths caused by road accidents by 2050.

EU Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska said: “Every year, 25,000 people lose their lives on our roads. The vast majority of these accidents are caused by human error.

“With the new advanced safety features that will become mandatory, we can have the same kind of impact as when safety belts were first introduced.”

Meanwhile, the UK Government is planning to put restrictions on speed limits to boost road safety and avoid crashes that claim thousands of lives every year.

The UK Department for Transport has confirmed that all vehicles sold in the UK will have to comply with the European road safety regulations.

In addition to saving people from accidents, advanced safety features are expected to enable drivers to get gradually accustomed to the new driving assistance.

The agreement reached by the European parliament, council and commission is now subject to formal approval by the European parliament and council.