About Us


Transport Analytica is a one stop complete information center for Transport professionals as well as a dynamic and effective tool for advertisers to reach target market segments within the Transportation Sector. Our insight, opinion and analysis covers all modes of transport and such key areas as road pricing, lorry charging, local transport, rail, airports, freight, technology, safety, regional policies, investment and public private partnerships. Transportanalytica.com is the complete online source for Transport related news, events and research .With articles from across the globe, we explore how and why industry decision makers operate the way they do, and examine how technology is changing the dynamics of transport. The expansion in technology is part of the reason we’ve transitioned from Eurotransport to become Intelligent Transport. We will continue to bring you the latest news and views from industry insiders and experts, but with a global reach that will offer insight on developments and projects from all seven continents.

Magazine readership & circulation

Transport Analytica magazine is distributed quarterly to over 39,799* key decision makers across the globe. Typical job functions include Transport Ministers, local and regional government decision makers, Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Procurement Directors and other senior purchasing personnel. Passed down through the management chain, we estimate that the total readership of Intelligent Transport is 110,000 for each issue. This represents a highly targeted advertising opportunity for companies such as yourself, who wish to influence the key decision makers in this crucial industry.

* Circulation of 39,799 (for the 6 issues distributed between 1 January and 1 December 2017).